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What goes around comes around.


Bling bling ain't no thing

So... noch mal was lustiges. Da haben mein Kumpel und ich geredet gehabt und vor ein paar Tagen meinte er, er will mir einen Ring geben, weiss zwar nicht warum, aber ok. Da musste ich ihn beeindrucken und wie man sieht, kann ich das doch so gut. xD Man muss das Gespraech auch richtig lesen, sonst versteht man es nicht so und es ist halb so lustig. ;D LOOOOL, hacb ich bin so kreativ. =D

TC - thought u wanted to give me a ring lol
TK - ere if u got what it takes i giv u this ring


hello TK
i see you looking my way
i just dont know what to say
but baby i know i got what it takes
to be the one for you
to show you my love is true
that's what i'm gonna do

TC - can i have the ring now?
TK - nah man
TK - poem not enuff


now you dont wanna gimme the ring
coz i already got too much bling bling
im sitting here staring at you
i really want this ring from you
and you know that you're my boo
if i dont get that ring
i want another bling bling


i can't get you out of my mind
coz i think about this ring all the time
in case you change your mind
then let me know
i know you got the dough
you fulfil my dreams with rings and stuff
and i know you find me buff

TK - d 3rd bit soudn lyk u after my bling bling not my love


dear tk
no one ever made me feel this way
this is what i have to say
you wrapped me inside your love
you must have been sent from above
let's forget about the ring
coz i dont want no bling bling
all i want is your love
why dont you just give it up
you know i always think of you
in my dreams all i see is you

30.5.08 15:39

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Nastja. (30.5.08 15:44)
I want A BlING BLINK too, FROM YOU. (;

Miss N. K. (30.5.08 15:44)
Baby Boo.

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